Creative Little Ones

Art Therapy


Creative Little Ones provides a safe and relaxed space for children 18 months - 18 years to express themselves creatively.

Art Therapy is a from of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a child's mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Art Therapy can help children to relieve stress, increase awareness of self and develop healthy and effective coping skills. 

A child does not have to be good at art to enjoy art therapy. Art making is so valuable in the early years as it allows children to process their world and to deal with sometimes scary and big emotions in a safe way.

Providing support to children, I have seen how they feel more comfortable expressing themselves through drawing and painting rather than direct questioning.

Art therapy can enhance the lives of children experiencing the following:

Stress and Anxiety
low self esteem
Social skills
Traumatic experiences
Natural disasters
Domestic violence
Grief and loss
Learning disabilities
Chronic health problems
Behavioural issues

I am an experienced art therapist  facilitating therapeutic groups and individual art therapy sessions for children aged 0-18 year for five years.

I believe art therapy helps children to express themselves in a way which words cannot. In my practice I have seen that some children feel more comfortable expressing themselves with paint and crayons than expressing emotions and feelings through words.

I am a qualified art therapist registered with ANZATA

( Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association)

Registration - 290 166 51

Working With Children Check - WWC0755130E


Masters of Art Therapy  - University of Western Sydney 2009- 2011

Diploma of Education - Visual Arts - University of Wollongong 2005-2007

Bachelor of  Visual Arts- University of Wollongong 2008

National Registration with the Government has not yet occurred, until Art Therapy is recognised in this way Medicare rebates are not available.

ABN- 79 327 922 745

Art  Therapy Sessions & Prices

Children's Art Therapy  Groups

Monday and Tuesday Afternoon


Children aged 5- 12 years

$25 per session 

Carer and Bub Group

Tuesday and Friday 10.30-11.15am

$20 per session

Individual Therapy

$75 per session

Please contact Jedda if you would like more information or to make a booking

Phone - 0403 732 461

 Email [email protected]

Sam 11 years old "No matter what lies ahead Never Give Up"
Sam's art work was his final piece to express how he was feeling when he started art therapy and how he felt after the sessions.
Sam started art therapy as he was getting into trouble at school and was becoming easily overwhelmed with anger and lashing out at other students. Sam did not have many friends and did not like going to school as he was mostly put on detention and had been expelled. 
After attending 12 art therapy sessions Sam started to be able to control his emotions and made friends at school. Sam was ready to start High school and had a positive outlook on attending school. His relationship with his Mum, Dad and sister had improved.